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    Unity Pro Troubleshoot - Problem to Create Animation in RAT!

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    Unity Pro Troubleshoot - Problem to Create Animation in RAT!

    Post by radhityapujo on Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:45 am

    When Unity Pro do some animation, this pop up message appear. .
    "Problem to Create Animation in RAT!"
    for the example, you can see image below.
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    Windows OS version 8.0
    Unity Pro version 8.1

    Windows OS version 8.0
    Unity Pro version 8.1

    rat.dll is a file related to (denumire_program) and is developed by (denumire_developer) for the well known Operating System Windows and has been produced for Windows.
    DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library,they are similar to EXE (executable) files,they allow numerous software programs to share the same functionality.
    For the example:
    If you are running Windows OS and you are editing a document in Microsoft Word.The DLL file that controls printing doesn't need to load unless it's purpose is needed.
    When you select the "Print" function,Microsoft Word calls the printers DLL file,and it's stacked into the RAM memory at the time.
    If you print the same document in another program,the same DLL printer file will be used.
    Why DLL errors occuring to you?
    Because the DLL files are shared,DLL files are outside the software application. This has many good opportunities for software developers but it also provides bad opportunities for errors to happen. If Windows OS cannot load properly,your rat.dll file will return an error.

    Method 1:
    Manual Registering rat.dll With Microsoft Register Server
    Sometimes the dll file might not register properly, and it will return a rat.dll error.
    You can use the built-in program called "Microsoft Register Server" (regsrv32.exe) to re-register your rat.dll file again.
    1. Click the Windows Start button.
    2. Type "command" or "cmd" in your search box,but don't hit enter yet.
    3. Hold CTRL + Shift on your keyboard and hit enter.
    4. Click yes on the permission box.
    5. Note for you on cmd:
       Type "C:" (to open C:)
       Type "dir" (to see what kind folder on it)
       Type "cd blablabla" (to open folder blablabla)
       Type "cd .." (to back on your previous folder)
    6. Type cmd until your unity pro location
    7. Type this command : regsvr32 /u rat.dll.  
    8. Hit enter.This command is going to UN-REGISTER your dll file.
    9. After that,type this command : regsvr32 /i rat.dll.
    10.Hit enter.This command is going to RE-REGISTER your dll file.
    11.Close command prompt.
    12.Restart the program linked with the rat.dll error.

    Method 2:
    If method 1 useless, you can continue on method 2.
    Disable your Anti Virus, because the dll crash with the dll on Anti Virus

    Method 3:
    If Method 1 and 2 can't solve it.
    You can restart your computer till magic appear to solve this problem

    Best Regards,

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